Our African & Indian Ocean Destinations

South Africa

A cliché maybe but South Africa really is a ‘World in one Country’. A large country that contains many fascinating & distinct natural features, regions, cultures & attractions – but they all blend harmoniously to form the modern Rainbow Nation that is South Africa.


Botswana is one of the true, remaining wilderness areas in Africa. 35% of the country is dedicated to conservation and Botswana has the 2nd largest area allocated to nature of any country in the world. This is a country committed to conserving its abundant wildlife!


Tanzania boasts some of the most iconic game reserves and conservancies in Africa, Ngorongoro & the Serengeti being perhaps the most renowned. Tanzania has a wealth of opportunities available so you can experience this amazing part of the world.


Man has made so little impact on Namibia’s landscape that it can be said that Namibia truly reflects nature in it's original form, and with a land mass more than 3 times the UK and a low population density it is easy to see this nature at it's pristine best.

The Seychelles

Seychelles is all about island life – 115 of them. It is also about enticing beaches, warm turquoise waters, and island-hopping opportunities. There are 43 mainly granite ‘inner’ islands and 72 coralline ‘outer’ islands.


A perfect tropical beach holiday destination, for couples and families alike. Relax in the sophisticated surroundings of your resort hotel and enjoy the beaches, watersports, golf courses, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and many other activities and leisure facilities on offer in this tropical playground.


Kenya is the birthplace of the modern safari, the word safari means 'journey' in Swahili. And the Masai Mara is quite simply one of the best known game reserves in Africa, and not without good reason.


There are a number of fabulous hotels and resorts on Zanzibar, many with spectacular ocean-front locations with staggering views of the powder white sand and the tropical waters beyond.


Mozambique has plenty to offer, from world-class beaches, diving and deep-sea fishing, to an interesting history & culture and exciting adventure opportunities.


Zambia is one of the most exciting safari destinations in Africa, with a definite emphasis on walking safaris. The South Luangwa National Park is the hub for walking safaris, famous for its Ox Bow lagoons and high concentration of animal and bird species.


Malawi is a land locked country south of the equator, sharing borders with Tanzania to the north, Zambia to the west and Mozambique to the south and east. Its main tourism attraction is Lake Malawi, which dominates the country.


Zimbabwe remains one of Africa’s finest safari and tourist destinations, despite recent instability. And it’s not all about Victoria Falls, although that is undeniably one of Zimbabwe’s highlights and a popular ‘add-on’ in its own right.

Reunion Island

There is much more to this beautiful island than simply the imagined beaches of an Indian Ocean Island, making it a great combination with Mauritius.

The mountains of the interior are of volcanic origin, up to 3,000 metres high and a major attraction for hiking enthusiasts.

It was our first time to Africa & we're so glad we chose Africa Collection.

john & phillipa miller, tanzania 2014