The Caprivi Strip

The Caprivi Strip is both a geographical, and historical oddity. A narrow salient of Namibia that pushes between Botswana to the south and Angola and Zambia to the north, it was created as a potential route to the Indian ocean by German South-West Africa, who thought the Zambezi would be navigable.

Unfortunately they didn't take into account the rapids, and that slight navigation challenge also known as Victoria Falls.

Wiildlife is present in abundance, with the African elephant using the strip as a route from Botswana and Namibia into Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Hippo, crocodile, water buffalo and waterbuck are all featured - species that rarely make an appearance in the rest of Namibia.

Bird species flourish in the Caprivi Strip and you can expect to see herons, kingfishers, geese and egrets as well as dozens of other species.

Lush vegetation thrives and water is plentiful, as the Caprivi Strip features some famous African rivers - the Zambezi, the Chobe and the Okavango.