Culture & Heritage Travel Itineraries In Africa & The Indian Ocean

Hear the beat of a Zulu drum and the ululating of dancing maidens. Feast on a traditional African braai and other delicacies. Explore the history of South Africa's freedom struggle. Visit sacred sites, or quench your thirst with a traditional African beer. Bear witness to the struggle against slavery. These are just some of the culture and heritage aspects of the region worth exploring.

We invite you to explore through experiencing the regions culture and heritage the essence of the local peoples - whether it's following a Hindu procession down a street in Mauritius or Durban during the Diwali festival, meeting a sangoma (traditional healer), learning all about kwaito (African house music) at a local township shebeen (bar) in South Africa, or learning the age-old traditions of the Masai (Kenya) and Himba (Namibia) tribes.

Some people come from rural villages, while others were born in urban areas. Some have crossed borders and others have crossed oceans. People worship different gods, feast at different tables and express who they are in many different ways. The regions people have an incredible history and often their fight for freedom and independence, and maintaining a broad cultural landscape, has resulted in an open and accommodating welcome, and a willingness to share their story.