An area of untamed scenic beauty, Damaraland offers a fascinating range of landscapes and environments to explore, ranging from huge open grassland plains to mountains and gorges, with desert prevalent as you move further west.

Travel Itineraries Featuring Damaraland

Named after the Damara tribal people, the area has several areas of specific interest that bring visitors, including the highest mountain in Namibia - The Brandberg, or 'Fire Mountain'. The name is derived from the effects of the setting sun on the face of the mountain, giving an extraordinary orange glow. The mountain has some fascinating carved art and engravings, as does Twyfelfontein which has one of the largest collections in the whole of Africa.

Close to Twyfelfontein lies two interesting features, Burnt Mountain and the 'Organ Pipes', a geological feature caused by weathering around dolorite pillars. Burnt Mountain get its name from the areas of black limestone that surround the base.

The Petrified Forest is over 200 million years old, and features ancient wood, petrified in river silt and slowly exposed by erosion.The Spitzkoppe is a ancient volcanic remnant very popular with climbers, as is the Brandberg.

Wildlife is present in abundance, with elephants, ostriches, black rhino and springbok all part of this extraordinary landscape.

Places To Stay In Damaraland

Grootberg Lodge

damaraland region

14 rooms and 2 Family Chalets

12,000 hectares have been set aside by the Khoadi /Hoas community for conservation and tourism and it is here you will find Grootberg Lodge, perched on the rim of the Grootberg Plateau, a lodge wholly owned by the conservancy.

It is also in this natural wilderness area that you can encounter the inhabitants of this remote biosphere, including the semi-nomadic Himba. The 12 rock and thatch chalets have stunning views over the valley.

Desert elephant, Black Rhino and much other birdlife and wildlife can be found in this Damaraland wilderness. Hiking and horse-riding are available.

Mowani Mountain Camp & Camp Kipwe

damaraland region

Mowani Mountain Camp – 13 Luxury Tents and 2 Suites; Camp Kipwe – 9 rooms and 1 Suite

In the unspoilt wilderness area of Southern Damaraland, these comfortable lodges offer magnificent scenery and desert fauna and flora. Activities include nature drives in search of the elusive desert adapted Elephants, excursions

to Twyfelfontein to see the bushman paintings and nature walks. Mowani Mountain Camp has 12 luxury East African style tents and Kipwe has eight rooms round in shape, all with large outside decks to admire the wonderful Damara landscape. The outside, partially open bathrooms adjoining the bedrooms have boulder, cement and rock walls, and roofs of rough mopane branches. Hot water is supplied by wood-burning 'donkey' boilers.