Explore Botswana

Chobe National Park

Located in Botswana's north, Chobe is the country's third largest national park and boasts one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa. It is world renowned for it's elephant population - estimated at 70,000, possibly the largest elephant concentration in Africa.

The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the most famous wilderness destinations in the world. It encompasses everything that is wild africa. The peaceful scenery of the delta, untouched by human hand, is a wonder deep within the Kalahari basin - a true oasis within a desert.

Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi was the first African reserve that was established by the local people. Concerned by the fast depletion of wildlife, the Batawana people of Ngamiland proclaimed Moremi a game reserve in 1963. Today it remains the only officially protected area of the Okavango Delta, and is now of great conservation, environmental and scientific importance.

Makgadikgadi Pans

This enormous network of salt pans located in north-eastern Botswana is like nowhere else on earth. Thousands of years ago it was the huge Lake Makgadikgadi, covering an area the size of Portugal. This has now long since dried up creating one of the largest salt flats in the world. A desolate yet captivating landscape awaits.

The Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert spreads across 900,000 square kilometres, covering much of Botswana. Unlike other true deserts, the Kalahari boasts excellent grazing opportunities after decent levels of rain and therefore supports much more plant and animal life than one might expect.

Great camp, great spot, great food, great game, remote and private. It is unbeatable and I would love to go back there. So thanks as always for your help, patience and great manner.

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