Fish River Canyon

Widely understood to the second largest canyon in the world, Fish River Canyon is over 160km long and can reach widths of up to 27km at the widest point, with canyon depths reaching up to 550m. Believed to have been formed by water erosion and tectonic shifts over 500 million years ago, this stunning landscape is a 'must see' on any trip to Namibia.

The river itself may be dry or in full flow dependent on the season, and the area supports a wide range of wildlife including water birds attracted by the natural hot springs that occur along the canyon floor. You can expect to see several species of heron, geese, storks and cormorants, and where the water forms more permanent pools, reed beds attract a wide range of water and marsh loving birds.

The cliffs are home to black eagles, African fish eagles and martial eagles as well as the jackal buzzard. If you are in search of a fine array of bird life then this makes a superb destination. Mammals are in abundance, ranging from zebra through to springbok. Predator species include leopards and jackals as well as hyena. After rainfall you can expect to see the 'thunderstorm tortoise', appearing to graze on the greens that appear after the rainfall. Butterflies, dragonflies and other insect species also make the canyon their home.

From the main viewpoint in the canyon you can see the Nama Karoo east of the river, and the Succulent Karoo to the west, which extends into the Sperrgebeit National Park. Aptly named, it contains the world's richest flora of succulent plants, with one-third of the 10,000 succulent species represented.

For the experienced hiker, the Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail is one of the most famous journeys in southern Africa. It takes between 4-5 days to hike, unsupported, along the base of the canyon for a total of 86km. Everything has to be carried with you, with water coming from pools at the base of the canyon. For the less adventurous there are of course numerous shorter trails that can be tackled.

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Places To Stay Near Fish River Canyon

Canyon Lodge

Near Fish River Canyon, 25 Chalets

20km from the main lookout point at Fish River Canyon, Canyon Lodge is ideally situated for visits to the canyon in the Nama Karoo. The 25 wood and thatch en-suite chalets are nestled between massive boulders. Much of the produce used in the dining room is a result of the properties farm and self-sufficiency centre. Highlights are drives to the canyon edge or scenic flights over the canyon.

The lodge is approx. 320 km from Mariental and 600 km from Windhoek.

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