Fly Over The Okavango Delta

Fly over one the most unique wilderness areas in Africa, the largest land-locked river delta in the world, offering an aerial view of this vast region, teaming with wildlife - a genuine site to behold.

On a visit to the Okavango delta you will experience the privilege of seeing Hippos and Crocodiles in the waterways, Elephant and Buffalo in the shade of the trees, antelopes on the plains and if fortunate enough one of Africa’s big cats moving through the bush, not to mention an abundance of birdlife. You will get to observe how the water channels meander their way through the Delta in ever changing paths as this natural water system evolves.

Palm fringed waterways and remote islands makes the vastness of this pristine wilderness area truly breathtaking.

There are a number of air charter operators that fly over and service the Okavango Delta, most of these are based in Maun. Getting around within the Okavango Delta is mostly done in single engine light aircraft including Airvans, Cessna 206s and Cessna Caravans.

Helicopter services are also available. Maun or Kasane is generally where your journey starts, either as a transfer to get you to your game lodge or camp or as a scenic flight, either way this is a flight you will never forget. Due to the remoteness of this area, most of the runways are dirt or grass, will all but a small hut and wind sock as your terminal, a real out of Africa experience awaits.

Please Note - Luggage is restricted to 20kgs per person on most flights. This 20kg includes both hand luggage and travel luggage. Bags should be soft sided, flexible bags. Bags with a solid frame, wheel frame, rigid pull out handles do not constitute as being “soft bags”. Bags MUST be completely flexible to facilitate the packing within the “belly pod” luggage compartment of the aircraft.