Inhambane Region

Located in the southern part of Mozambique, Inhambane is an endearing part of Africa that can track its history back 10 centuries. Certainly one of the oldest settlements on Mozambique's eastern coast, Dhows traded here as early as the 11th century.

The provincial capital - Inhambane city - is a sleepy historic town known for its rusting colonial architecture that brings a certain charm to the area. The town itself can absorb your time as you visit the local museum, monuments and places of worship that mark the passage of numerous people. Whilst you can relax at one of the excellent beaches that stretch along the coast of the province

Marine life and water based activities are popular here, with excellent diving opportunities available in locations such as Manta Reef and Gallaria. Giant Manta Rays, Whale sharks, Turtles and other marine life are regularly seen. There are many reputable diving locations available a short drive from Inhambane city. For example, Tofo, known as the whale shark Mecca of the world. Notable sites in the surrounding district of Inhambane also include Bazaruto National Park - the largest sea park in Africa.