Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park is a remote safari location but the effort taken to reach Tanzania's third largest Park will be repaid many times over. Created in 1974, Katavi is a truly special place where you can feel like you have travelled back in time thousands of years. The remote location is less frequently visited than other parks in East Africa, which has left Katavi almost unchanged.

Located along the rift escarpment in Tanzania's west, Katavi is one of the biggest and richest wildlife areas in the country. The park contains wonderful scenery and is made up of a number of flood plains that form Lake Katavari during the wet season.

The main focus for game viewing is the Katuma River and it's associated floodplains. These lush and marshy lakes are a sanctuary to many species of waterbirds and support Tanzania's densest hippopotamus and crocodile concentrations.

It is during the dry season when the park thrives as a safari destination. With the water level of the Katuma receding to a shallow trickle, it becomes a vital water source, drawing in elephant and buffalo in their thousands.

The floodplains become the stage for some staggering confrontations as the large numbers of giraffe, impala, zebra and reedbuck attract hungry lion prides and clans of hyena. As the dry season begins to end, hundreds of hippos come together to wallow in the remaining mudholes and riverine pools. This large congregation encourages territorial disputes between the males, which can turn bloody on a daily basis.

There are not many places left which can offer such a raw and unspoilt experience.