Kayak Or Sail To A Desert Island

Do you have a well developed sense of adventure? Then sailing the expanse of the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique is one of those adventures you have to do in your lifetime.

Under the expert leadership of your experienced guide and crew, you will explore uninhabited islands and yield to Mother Nature and let her decide the direction in which your sails turn. Your mouth will water at the fresh seafood and tropical dishes cooked for you over an open fire under the island stars.

A unique destination, we offer tented mobile dhow, kayak, and birding island hopping safaris in this region. Explore a coastline fringed by tropical islands in a sturdy motorized 11 metre Arab dhow complete with experienced crew and guide. Sea kayak or sail up wide coastal river mouths teeming with rare bird species and pristine mangrove forests. Snorkel off deserted white sandbanks and into turquoise seas, and sleep in mobile tented camps on uninhabited tropical islands. End your adventure on heritage-rich Ibo Island enjoying the well earned comforts of Ibo Island Lodge.

A perfect end to a unique adventure!