La Digue Island

La Digue is an island where time stands still. An intimate atmosphere where you cannot fail to notice its warmth and hospitality. Ox-carts trundle past as you feel your day-to-day worries slip away.

Stunning is an often over used word, yet it is hard to think of a better way to describe the various sights that this 10 square kilometre island affords. The legendary Anse Source d'Argent beach is an absolute must for all visitors. The contoured granite rocks rise from the glistening blue seas stretching to the horizon contrast with the rich green foliage of the shore. A true picture of serenity.

La Digue demonstrates fabulous biodiversity, giving you the opportunity to see the black paradise flycatcher - one of the rarest birds on the planet - along with rare terrapins, bitterns and waxbills. The island forests host delicate orchids, cascading vanilla vines and swaying palms.

This is as close to paradise as you can imagine.