Lake Malawi

Whilst the Country is landlocked, Malawi has a fabulous and famous 'inland sea'. Lake Malawi is an enormous body of freshwater that provides beautiful sand beaches, stunning visuals and many opportunities for water sports.

One of the largest lakes in the world, Lake Malawi is nicknamed "the calendar lake" due to its coincidental dimensions of 365 miles north to south and 52 miles across. It was formed in the natural faulting of the Great Rift Valley, which sees the lake reaching astonishing depths of up to 700 metres.

Lake Malawi plays a large role within the local economy due to its plentiful fish harvest. Fishing villages are scattered along the shore an the traditional industry and practices are an attraction to visitors. As are the long stretches of uninhabited golden sand beaches which provide the perfect opportunity to sit, relax and enjoy the views across the water. For those looking for a little more excitement there are activities such as kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving and water skiing.