Mana Pools National Park

One of Zimbabwe's most popular parks with a large range of mammals, over 450 bird species and aquatic wildlife. It's rugged integrity earned it a place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This amazing park takes it's name from the local Shona language word meaning "four". This is referring to the four large pools inland from the Zambezi River where you will find hippo, crocodile and elephant populations. You are almost guaranteed to see lion in Mana Pools National Park, along with zebra, buffalo, baboons, monkeys, eland and impala.

As you head north from the forests on the Karoo sediments, the vegetation changes to open Faidherbia albida woodlands on the old river terraces. This vegetation gives an unique look to the area and a surreal light filters through the trees giving Mana Pools its distinctive cathedral-like atmosphere. The old river terraces present an opportunity unique in Zimbabwe, with the ability to walk through the Albida woodland unaccompanied. Elephant, eland, buffalo, impala, waterbuck, baboons, monkeys, zebra, warthog and hippo are some of the larger herbivores to be seen regularly on the river terraces as they come out to eat the fallen Albida fruit.

Mana Pools is a very special place - a wilderness with a magical sense that you will struggle to leave.