Discover Maputo

The capital Maputo makes an interesting stopover, retaining much of its Portugese charm, fused with modern Africa. Visitors to the city can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze at the many restaurants serving locally caught seafood.

Maputo is a city that wears it's heritage on it sleeve. The waterside capital is a melting pot of several cultures where Portuguese and local Bantu dominate. Mediterranean-style architecture sits alongside modernist buildings constructed in the 60's and 70's. Many buildings constructed by Pancho Guedes demonstrate a fusion of styles, creating a unique Mozambican theme.

The urban areas of the city feels small, with wide avenues and old trees, creating a healthy and active atmosphere. From haggling with vendors in the giant market at Xipamanine, to enjoying a stroll through the dune forests of Ponta d'Ouro, Maputo and it's surrounding areas have much to offer. All budgets are catered for from restaurants to accommodation.

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