The Quirimbas Archipelago

The 32 islands that make up the Quirimbas Archipelago provide you with a rare opportunity to be some of the first visitors to what is largely untouched surroundings. Marine life is in abundance, and the beaches provide an isolated serenity that is hard to match.

The Quirimbas National Park encompasses the 11 southern most islands, which ensures that the fabulous habitats remain in stunning condition. The rich variety of marine life provides an excellent incentive to enjoy unrivalled snorkelling and diving. Sea turtles and dugongs wallow offshore along with the three hundred and seventy-five species of fish that have been identified within the waters - including threatened species such as seahorses and pipefish. The numerous sand-bar beaches create dream-like vistas where the turquoise seas lap at the pristine white sands.

Whilst you can feel like you are among the pioneers discovering these lands, there is history to be found. The islands thrived under the Portuguese trading routes dating back to the 10th century. Remnants of the Portuguese occupation can be found, including the 18th century Fort of São João, on the island of Ibo.

The Quirimbas Islands are a very special place to behold. Any efforts taken during your journey here will be repaid many times over, simply by watching the sun set from one of its sandy shores.