Safari Holidays In Africa

When most people think of Africa, they think Safari! The first 'grand safaris' allowed the pioneers and the privileged few to see Africa and it‘s wildlife up close and personal, usually in some style and comfort, but always at it's untamed best. The world has turned since then but Africa Collection is still devoted to offering safaris for every taste, every preference and every budget.

An Amazing Selection Of Safari Holidays

Kruger National Park is the flagship of the South African National Parks, home to an impressive number of species - the greatest diversity of any park in Africa and a wildlife experience that ranks along with any in Africa. And there is a lot more to a safari in South Africa than just Kruger National Park. There are myriad National Parks and private game reserves that are home to the best game lodges on the continent.

Botswana is one of the true, remaining wilderness & safari areas in Africa, home to one of Africa’s great natural attractions – the Okavango Delta, a wetland within a desert. See the estimated 30,000 Elephants in the huge and varied Chobe National Park – well not all of them, especially as they migrate up to 200kms. In the Okavango Delta the mokoro, a traditional dug-out canoe, is ideal as it can move quietly through shallow water, being pushed by the boatman using a long pole, moving along the narrow channels or cutting through the long grasses or papyrus.

When you think of a Safari, Kenya is near the top of most peoples list, and home probably the most famous wildlife reserve of them all, the Masai Mara, which along with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania witnesses one of the world’s most incredible wildlife experiences - The Great Migration. Wonderful game viewing and photography opportunities. Tanzania is also home to the Ngorongoro Crater, the World’s largest volcanic caldera, which naturally confines a plethora of wildlife.

Zambia is the home of walking safaris. As soon as you are on foot in the bush you become a part of it and you can hear, smell and feel the bush as well as see it, with the the Luangwa Valley has long been regarded as one of Africa's finest wildlife reserves. In Namibia the north is dominated by the Etosha National Park, with its defining features being the vast Etosha Pan offering excellent game viewing.