Scuba Dive With The Ragged Tooth Shark

KwaZulu Natal in South Africa offers shark diving with no cages in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, on the East coast of South Africa.

Sharks that can be seen are Bull Shark (known as Zambezis in South Africa), three types of Hammerhead, Copper sharks and the Spotted Ragged Toothed shark. The Aliwal Shoal is situated 50kms south of Durban, near the village of Umkomaas (meaning 'Cow Whales', due to the large numbers of whales which once used the estuary of the river to give birth).

Commonly found at Protea Banks and Aliwal Shoal, and although harmless, Ragged Tooth Sharks make for an exciting dive. Their large, imposing appearance with their ferocious looking teeth, are an impressive sight. Their teeth, however terrifying they may appear, are unsuited to biting humans and large fish. They use Aliwal shoal as a mating ground from July to November, and can be seen in the various caves, and Shark Alley. They are a common sighting along this coast. In the history of diving the Shoal there has been no recorded incidence of aggression or attack between the thousands of sharks and the hundreds of divers frequenting the reef.