South Luangwa National Park

This is one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. As soon as you cross over Luangwa River you will see hippos and crocodiles. Whilst 'off the beaten' track when compared to other parks in Africa, the efforts taken to reach here are more than worth it to experience the world as it was thousands of years ago - untouched.

This park is perfect for safaris as they used to be. It was here in the 1950s where professional game guiding began in Zambia. With history such as this, the high concentration of wildlife comes as no surprise. This is one of the best places to experience leopards in the wild, with one of the highest populations in the world. Hippos wallow in the waters, stalked by lionesses from one of the many prides. Thornicraft's giraffe, with white legs and faces, are endemic to South Luangwa park, along with Crawshay's zebra, both are easily spotted.

If you are interested in birdlife you could not wish for more, with over 400 species recorded in the park. Waterbirds such as the goliath heron and the marabou stork wade through the shallow waters towards the end of the dry season. Around the same time, just before the rains come in November, migratory birds such as the red chested cuckoo and bee-eaters come to enjoy the feeding opportunities that the rain brings. In turn, Steppe eagles and buzzards, who may have come from as far as Russia, descend on the park as they seek warmer territories.

Along with the beauty of the rugged terrain, the stunning array of flora and fauna, the knowledge and the passion of the guides is renowned. You can be sure that a visit to South Luagnwa National Park will be a true highlight of any trip to Africa.