Tailormade And Bespoke Travel To Africa And The Indian Ocean

With over 200 years of experience on offer at Africa Collection we are confident that we can deal with the vast majority of enquiries for each of the amazing destinations that we feature, and we are equally confident that we will do so in a professional and expert manner, so what are you waiting for?

Our Expertise

We have visited every destination that we sell, over a period of up to 20+ years.

We have been dealing with South Africa as a tourist destination since prior to the majority-rule government of 1995, when only a handful of tour operators in the UK were selling the country. We have seen the product develop, and visitor numbers increase from the hundreds, to hundreds of thousands. Throughout this process we have been building relationships and refining our offering, to a point where we don't believe our knowledge, contacts and expertise can be bettered. If we don't know it, then maybe it's not worth knowing!

Similarly we have been dealing in ZImbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Mauritius and the Seychelles for 20+ years. We have been part of the growth of these countries as tourist destinations, and again we have developed relationships and expertise that enable us to offer a peerless service and knowledge. In East Africa (Kenya & Tanzania) and Central East Africa (Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda) we work with some of the most experienced operations on the ground in each country, bringing with them a wealth of experience.

Our People

Cliché time - there is no substitute for experience. And we have it in spades. The Africa Collection team is one of the most experienced in our field, we know Africa and the Indian Ocean as well as anyone, and better then most. We are all very lucky to have travelled to Africa many times over many years, with a number of the team hailing from Africa originally. Via regular training, visits and a willingness to keep learning we are able to keep up to date with the latest developments, ideas, people and trends. We are also committed to offering a traditional level of excellent customer service and flexibility. Test us, and we are confident we will come through!

Our Passion

But maybe the most important thing is that we enjoy what we do, and the product we sell. We love Africa and the Indian Ocean; we still marvel at the scenery; we are awed by the power and rawness of nature, with every safari and wildlife experience as unique as the first; we enjoy and revel in the people we get the opportunity to meet; we find the cuisine as tasty today as it has ever been. And we are proud to be able to share this knowledge, our commitment to service, and our experience, with you, our customers. Allow us to take you on a journey, let us guide you...