Discover The Seychelles

Seychelles is all about island life – 115 of them. They are spread over 1,400,000 square km and six island groups lying 500-1,600 km from the African Coast. It is also about enticing beaches, warm turquoise waters, and island-hopping opportunities. There are 43 mainly granite ‘inner’ islands and 72 coralline ‘outer’ islands.

Explore The Islands Of The Seychelles

Unique by a thousand miles! Surrounded by the clear warm seas of the Indian Ocean and blessed with a wonderful climate, the 115 islands of the Seychelles (only 16 are inhabited) are perfect for a holiday surrounded by pristine natural beauty.

Travel Itineraries In The Seychelles

These are some of our suggested itineraries to give you an idea of what represents the very best of the Seychelles. We of course offer a completely bespoke service. Get in touch and we'll come up with some inspired suggestions!

Wonderful Places To Stay

Here are a selection of personally recommended places to stay in the Seychelles. We have travelled to, and stayed in, every one.

The island resorts are a popular way of enjoying this fascinating country. They are exclusive, self-contained hideaways, usually accommodating no more than 40 guests. Picture yourself on a private island 6 km long and 1 km wide, with acres of coconut palms fringed by white sandy beaches and sheltered by an encircling reef. These islands are typically accessed by boat or short flight from the main island of Mahé.

Island hopping is the other main attraction. The main island of Mahé is the gateway. From here you can head for the 2nd island of Praslin, which boasts some of the best lodges and resorts. Then maybe onto the car-free La Digue, or the sanctuary of Bird Island. Finally there are the many island resorts, some of which can be booked for private use.

The temperature rarely drops below 24c and the wettest months are January & February, so the Seychelles really is a year round destination.

Being close to the equator and tropical you can expect short showers at any time of the year, with probably April/May and October/November being the very best times to visit.

There are regular flights from the UK (largely via the Middle East), and several a week from Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam and Mauritius.

Seychelles Travel Tips

We’ve put together a useful range of travel tips for the Seychelles which you can find here. For additional travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) please visit