Visit A Masai Village

A fascinating and authentic insight into the culture and lifestyle of the Masai people in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. Their traditions and beliefs will give you a genuine glimpse into the Africa of yesterday, but also the Africa of today and tomorrow. The Masai are traditionally semi-nomadic people with distinctive customs and dress, as well as a reputation for being fearsome warriors.

Experience how the Masai people live from day-to-day in the African bush with animals grazing and Lions roaring outside their homes. The majority of Masai still practice their traditional way of life and live as pastoralists with cattle at the centre of their culture and social life. They are very proud to welcome guests and share their story.

The traditional Masai village is called a Manyatta and consists of a number of small cow dung made huts with thatched roofs. The huts are placed in a circle with livestock in the middle and a thick thorny fence for protection against the nightly predators.

You may well also experience the local schools, the bustling markets, the daily milking of the cows, preparation of traditional Masai food and the making of traditional jewelry and beadwork, all with a Masai guide. We ensure (in fact insist) that these visits are undertaken in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.