Zanzibar is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 15-30 miles off the east coast of the Tanzanian mainland. Although consisting of over 50 islands and islets, Zanzibar is largely made up of two islands, Unguja (the bigger and most populated of the two - often referred to as Zanzibar) and Pemba.

There are a number of fabulous hotels and resorts on Zanzibar, many with spectacular ocean-front locations with staggering views of the powder white sand and the tropical waters beyond. From large, exclusive resorts to boutique hotels, to authentic African beach lodges, Zanzibar boasts a fantastic array of accommodation to ensure your visit is truly memorable.

Whilst Zanzibar provides a great opportunity for an African beach holiday, there is also a wonderful array of wildlife to be seen. Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is Zanzibar's 50 km2 national park where you can see the endemic Zanzibar red colobus, the Zanzibar Servaline Genet and the endangered Aders' Duiker. You will also be treated to 50 species of butterfly and 40 species of birds.

Venturing out in to the Indian Ocean provides you with the opportunity to experience Zanizbar's under water beauty. Many different types of hard and soft coral life create a backdrop for the myriad of stunning aquatic life. Schooling barracuda can be spotted. Sailfish, dorados and waahoo thrive in the warm waters at Leven, you may even catch a glimpse of a whale shark as the migrate past Zanzibar twice a year.

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