When I reflect back to what I visualised before travelling to the Island of Mauritius, I know I imagined palm trees, turquoise waters, beautiful hotels and strikingly stunning sunsets.

Once I was on the island, I found all this to be true – except I wasn’t anticipating the food to be so delicious and it to be served so eagerly with a genuine smile! The hospitality in Mauritius took me by such great surprise, that it left me questioning how I had never chosen to visit the island before and how I would ever be able to leave!

In addition to the food being so delicately prepared with fresh ingredients and each dish clearly a chef’s intricate design, the service with which it came was always so sincere and as a guest you were made to feel like royalty at every hotel and not just at The Royal Palm!

What’s different about the hospitality you receive in Mauritius compared to other tropical islands I hear you ask? Well after visiting other islands in the world, including in the Caribbean, I really feel the staff in each hotel I visited in Mauritius (I visited eleven hotels and stayed at five) were happy to be there and wanted to be a part of the guest’s experience. They genuinely cared about the guests and the friendly smile and enthusiastic “Bonjour” I got every time I passed them in the hotel corridor or around the pool made it feel like I was home and even part of a family.

Of course, I am fully aware that we were being hosted by BeachComber and this was no doubt brought to the staff’s attention before we arrived, but I made it a bit of a personal project of mine to watch how the staff interacted with guests staying and dining around us. I can honestly say that I believe every guest experienced the same high standard of service we as a hosted group did.

So why have I chosen to write on the people of Mauritius rather than the island itself? We all know it’s a slice of paradise with wonderful beaches, fantastic diving and a range of activities ideal for families and couples alike, but there is nothing better than visiting a place and walking away from it knowing you were made to feel welcome. You were welcome to be there, welcome to explore the island and very welcome to return again. And so, I shall return based on the service alone!